Help to purchase a DMT Double Mini Trampoline


ACP (Scot Wind) Ltd, locally represented by Muirden Energy LLP, and Tarlair Developments made a donation to the Alvah Gymnastics and Trampolining Club to assist in the purchase of a DMT Double Mini Trampoline. The club began in August 2017 beginning with one facebook post to gauge interest and is now 240 gymnasts and trampolinists, 16 coaches and a host of volunteers and parent helpers who give their time to help at events. The Club have their own display team who has preformed at the Scottish Gymnastics annual gymfest in Aberdeen, The Eve Rose Foundation fashion show and will be preforming at the large gymfest in Perth later in 2019. The competitive teams have also been successful at the Scottish gymnastics competitions, northern district league and invitational competitions. The purchase of the DMT is suitable for all abilities and will allow the club to increase participation levels and greatly help their current athletes to enhance their talents and future ambitions. We wish them all the luck for their future.