New green technology installed at Muirden


In a bid to further increase our carbon savings and expand our renewable knowledge we installed 4kWs of solar panels on our office roof in May 2013. To further reduce usage we have also added an additional 50kW onto a shed roof at Muirden in March 2014. The combined output of these installations is expected to reduce our electricity usage by over 40,000 units per year.

With electricity bills being reduced our next focus was on our heating, which used 65,000kW of heat per year between the office and the farmhouse at Muirden. A decision was taken to install a biomass boiler which would run on wood chip, given the amount of forestry on the farm. After studying the options a 100kW Heizomat boiler was selected due to its build quality and track record. It was installed and commissioned in May 2014 and has successfully supplied all of the heat required on site.