Royal Tarlair Public Exhibition


Royal Tarlair Golf Club held a public exhibition to give members of the club and local residents the opportunity to see their plans for a turbine on the edge of the course and ask any questions they had. There was a good turnout with around 40 people viewing the plans and the vast majority supported the scheme. Reasons given for support included the fact the siting of the turbine would have very little impact on the course and that the club had to do something to offset rising running costs secure its viability going forward. Vice-Captain and project leader Alan Still commented, “If successful, the income generated from this renewable project will have a big impact on the clubs annual income, this in turn has the potential to make sure golf is affordable to both locals and visitors alike. Many golf courses are struggling and need to find ways to meet their operating costs; we are unlikely to be the only club looking to green energy to ensure sustainability through this avenue.” It is hoped that planning will be submitted within the next few months.